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Remote Energy Healer Michael Stellitano

Renowned healer Michael Stellitano demonstrates his ability to remotely heal a real patient by transmitting energy. Actual video of a remote healing follows interview.

Duration : 0:8:56

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  1. healer123100 Said,


  2. healer123100 Said,

    no it is not it my …
    no it is not it my method is simple easy powerfull

  3. MrMegaverse Said,

    energy healing …
    energy healing works and miracles happen. i enjoy doing reiki and light axis healing.

  4. wdeadman49 Said,

    this isn’t Reiki… …
    this isn’t Reiki…..there’s many different types of healing…but the truth healing comes from God!

  5. alanckaye Said,

    I bought Michael’s …
    I bought Michael’s book – practiced the bellows breath for about a week or more – I have austeoarthritis in both knees and one night after practice I placed my hands on the knee that hurt the most for about 20 seconds – when I stood up I was like “wow” the pain is gone so I did the second knee with the same results. I had trouble understanding one thing so I emailed Michael – he said to call him. I did and he spent 15 minutes on the phone with me helping me understand. This is the real deal.

  6. alanckaye Said,

    I want to learn …
    I want to learn Reiki – is this anything like Reiki?

  7. dylans8 Said,

    he needs to be …
    he needs to be tested properly in order to see if this is genuine. I myself think this is all rubbish until proven

  8. edwong3 Said,

    Correction: I …
    Correction: I meant “wheezing”, not “whizzing”.

  9. edwong3 Said,

    Nearly two years …
    Nearly two years ago, Michael worked through the phone on a very good female friend of mine who was suffering from some type of a weird “whizzing” sound every time she would breath in and out. It really had me scared that she was having serious respiratory problems. Well, within 8-10 minutes of the phone session, the whizzing was completely gone, and to date, has NOT COME BACK! Yes Michael is a very effective energy healing practitioner, and I hope he’ll be here for many more years to come.

  10. coolmamac Said,

    Inspiring guy.
    Inspiring guy.

  11. hirshnoc Said,

    I had mono about 4 …
    I had mono about 4 years back and I was Michael’s first mono case. I almost flipped out when I heard both my sinuses clearing and my sore throat pain was GREATLY reduced. I can’t recommend anyone more strongly.

  12. cuginahealer Said,

    I have read …
    I have read Michael’s book, viewed and studied his DVD Home Study program, and have had 3 distant healing sessions with him. As an experienced healer myself, I am always looking for ways to assist my clients’ efforts to heal themselves. Michael’s book and DVD are very easy to understand and use, regardless of age or background. His generosity and compassion are genuine. I knew this from my firsthand experience during my phone sessions. I felt heat, tingling and relief within minutes! Try it!

  13. moooingcow Said,

    I do believe energy …
    I do believe energy healing is real.

  14. moooingcow Said,

    Very very …
    Very very interesting!

  15. joshua012680 Said,

    Michael Stellitano …
    Michael Stellitano is the real deal! I have had his treatments and was totally energized afterwards Everytime! I am witness to the great gift that he has.

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